IP Phone

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Moving from Traditional Phones to IP Phones

Traditionally, businesses in KSA rely on landline telephones. They are made of a copper wire and a wall jack with pins. After their invention in the 19th century, they have undergone a massive change, but still they are limited to an extent .i.e. they can’t provide more than some standard functionality, such as voicemail and blocking. Similarly, their reliance on the analogue technology is a hindrance.

IP phones (or VoIP phone) have changed the game by taking calls to the Internet. Rather than depending on a physical wire, they establish connections over the Internet. There don’t require any specialised hardware, which has quickened the rate of their adoption. All you need is an Internet connection.

A Glimpse Inside Our IP Phone Services 


NourNet will introduce you to the latest IP phone technology that will improve the quality of your calls to a great extent. This will improve client satisfaction and retention. Similarly, your employees will be able to coordinate effectively as team work will improve across multiple departments.



The most appealing factor about NourNet’s IP phones is their exceptional range of features. Your company can take advantage of features such as IM (instant messaging), teleconferencing, and video conferencing while the conventional phone features are also provided.



Landlines phones are not merely outdated; they are also susceptible to greater security threats, such as wiretapping. Thanks, to the addition of certain encryption protocols, NourNet’s IP phones are a lot more secure. These protocols hide the contents and details of the messages and calls. Hence, it is extremely hard for malicious parties to intercept your organisation’s communications.



NourNet’s IP phones are extremely light on the pocket for both SMEs and enterprises. They enable you to connect with international clients and workforce at an economical rate.


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