Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Deploy Web Application Firewall to build an unbreachable shield between the Internet and your web application

Protect Enterprises From The Most Sophisticated Cyber-Attacks Using WAF

Web Application Firewalls can detect fraudulent interactions coming from authentic traffic—a challenging task. Modern cybercriminals covertly incorporate their malicious code into safe-looking web traffic, a tactic through which they can bypass the existing security tools. WAF is unique because it intercepts and evaluates all the HTTP requests, before they can reach your web application.


Install Customised WAF

NourNet can hook up you with a Web Application Firewall based on your requirements. We can integrate network-based WAF, host-based WAF, and cloud -based WAF into your organisation.


Quick Compliance

NourNet ensures that you can meet all the industry standards and requirements related to WAFs, such as the PCI DSS 6.6 and similar compliance mandates.


Protects Web Applications and APIs

NourNet WAF defends enterprises from malicious bot attacks, DDoS attacks, and OWASP top-10 threats. The objective is to protect mission-critical web applications and APIs.


Smart Threat Detection

NourNet Web Application Firewall employs advanced AI and machine learning to defend you against zero-day attacks and reduce false positives.


Advanced Visual Analytics

NourNet’s WAF dashboard can help enterprises peek into a comprehensive analysis of cyberattacks, including the vulnerability that was exploited and thein-depth working of the virus. Get real-time access to HTTP traffic stream in personalised security dashboards.


How Does Web Application Firewall Work?

A WAF (Web Application Firewall) safeguards web applications from cyberthreats. WAF solutions are used to monitor and filter HTTP traffic—passed between the Internet and the web application. WAF is effective against cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery, SQL injection, and file inclusion. Here is how NourNet’s WAF works:

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