DDoS Protection

Neutralise DDoS Attacks Within Seconds

Block The Most Sophisticated & Largest

DDoS Attacks

NourNet DDoS protection services put an end to DDoS attacks that are caused by manufactured Internet traffic to bring your business’s networks or servers down. Our best-in-class DDoS protection services are the shield your business needs to prevent any hardware crashes, sudden network slowness or unavailability of your online services.


Intercept Malicious Hosts

NourNet relies on white lists containing authorised hosts and deletes compromised hosts


24×7 Monitoring

Experienced SOC and DDoS mitigation teams to protect you around the clock


Block-Cloaked Attacks

NourNet offers payload visibility and filtering for stopping cloaked threats


Get Multi-Layered Protection

NourNet detects and defends against layer 3,4 & 7 attacks


Immediate Response

NourNet identifies and blocks attack signature, vector changes and malicious bots


Defends from All DDoS Attacks

NourNet’s extensive experience in the MENA region allows it to prevent all DDoS attacks including encrypted traffic such as: brute force, HTTPS flood, spoofing, ICMP, IGMP, Ping of Death, TCP FIN, and TCP ACK


Why DDoS Protection Services?

  • DDoS attacks are far costlier than other cyber threats. On average, they can cost organisations at least $50,000.
  • DDoS attacks are getting bigger with gigabytes-per-second and terabyte-per-second threats becoming more common in the past few years.
  • DDoS attacks can put your brand’s reputation in jeopardy. Around 78% security experts, who fought off DDoS attacks, disclose that the greatest damage inflicted by a DDoS attack was to make the client lose trust from their brands.
  • DDoS attacks can open the gates for other breaches. More than 80% security professionals state that DDoS attacks are used as bait, so the attention of the cybersecurity teams is diverted, allowing other threats to infect.