Managed Storage and Backup

Fully Managed Storage and Backup Services to protect business data

Managed Storage and Backup

Every business needs a backup storage plan to keep their data away from unforeseeable threat. The best way to do this is by choosing a cloud service provider that offers reliable Managed Storage and Backup Services.

Selecting our local cloud services (NourNet Cloud) allows you to evade compliance issues you’d generally face with other providers in KSA. We offer an advanced services aimed at ensuring business continuity if the on-site servers are damaged after any form of disasters.

We ensure that you have an accessible and safe location to store your information. There are a number of options to pick from ranging from simple to complex means. With what we offer, users can rest assured that their information is not just safe, but secure as well. The result is often exponential growth and with us, you can equally tweak systems to ensure that your processes are a lot more streamlined.

What Do We Offer?

Cloud Storage

The ability to store large amounts of data from any given location is incredibly pleasant. Access here will only be given to parties you stipulate making it one of the most secure ways to store information. With round the clock support on this one and lenient payment plans available, you will soon come to enjoy the added perks of one of our managed storage services


Efficient Data Migration

Not only are the data migration services offered efficient, but they are also equally pocket-friendly. The rates here are set to ensure that you get the fairest migratory costs, including any unscheduled, downtime and outages. Altogether, the process will be both affordable and efficient


Adequate Backup

What happens when disaster strikes and major data is lost? Setbacks happen. But with this service, you can bypass all of that thanks to the state of the art archiving and back up features. So, not only is your data well protected but it is readily available when you need it. What you will like even more is the range of payment options available on this front. Not only is it reasonable, but it is equally flexible to suit the varying nature of business needs


Storage Area Network Services

If the aim is to step up in terms of data availability while simultaneously streamlining operations our secure and reinforced SAN storage solutions are the way to go. This equally goes a long way to maximize your time both in terms of storing and accessing information. Again, this service is brought to you at rates that are as affordable as they come


With Our Managed Backup Services You Can:

Enjoy the security of hybrid cloud infrastructure
Backup, archive, and recover data on a single platform
Streamline your data management and other key business operations
Integrate your primary and backup storage spaces without hindrance
Implement fully secure and undisruptive data storage strategies
Keep your data safe and secure within the Kingdom
Quickly scale backup needs up and down based on business demand

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