Hosting & Co-Location

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Our IT services tailored according to businesses and their needs

Hosting and Colocation services can be restrictive if the service providers aren’t cooperative. We separate ourselves from the crowd by offering more flexible hosting and colocation plans. These include hybrid models that let businesses outsource specific services and control the rest.

Apart from that, our strategically placed carrier-neutral data centres enable business continuity and optimization. They do this by relying on a well-spread networking system, advanced cloud infrastructure, and the management of an experienced IT team.

Hosting & Co-Location Services

High tech equipment and carrier-neural data centres


Unlimited space to store data and infrastructure


24/7 data accessibility and network availability


Tight security measures to access the facility


Complete IT supervision and support


Remote hands and hot seat services



Servers and equipment collocated in our data centres are connected to an uninterrupted power supply and redundant network.
24/7 IT managed services, and pre-built infrastructure reduces maintenance costs.
Core MPLS network and advanced cloud services eliminate disruptions.
A multilayered security protocol for data centres and virtual servers minimise security breaches.
Hot seats and remote hands services make it easier to activate disaster recovery plans quickly and efficiently.

How Does Hosting & Co-Location Work?

NourNet hosting and colocation services provide a way to overcome common IT problems. We do this by offering clients a designated space in our data centres. Clients can rent racks to store hardware, software and infrastructure to support their business operations.

We do our best to create a safe and secure environment for the company’s data and infrastructure. That is why we’ve invested in state-of-the-art data centres that promote business continuity.

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