Express Route

NourNet ExpressRoute connects you to Microsoft cloud faster and better than any other ICT provider.

ExpressRoute Services

NourNet ExpressRoute delivers seamless integration and support for Office 365 as well as Microsoft Azure migration. We do this by developing private and secure connections between Microsoft cloud and onsite infrastructure or a collocation setup. Our redundant network ensures that your connection is thoroughly secure and highly reliable so that your access to applications on the cloud is smooth and safe.

ExpressRoute is a sophisticated service that actually works with simple process flow. This is made possible due to NourNet’s wide range of available digital assets and worldwide networks. Also, ExpressRoute utilises NourNet’s nationwide connectivity network and global peering cloud to connect clients with their applications without any latencies.

NourNet’s connectivity and cloud are both powered and supported by state-of-the-art architecture backbone and data centres, which results in flawless support for ExpressRoute.


Here are the reasons why we are the first choice for ExpressRoute in KSA:

The superior quality of NourNet’s network infrastructure also leads to a faster access to Microsoft cloud.

With state-of-the-art security architecture and thorough protocols embedded across the network, clients enjoy secure access and swift transfer once their Microsoft Azure migration is completed.

We offer greater control and optimized application performances.

NourNet offers comprehensive SLAs to mitigate any woes regarding potential risks related to performance or security.

Our ExpressRoute service delivers comprehensive services and support to clients’ applications with a special focus on hybrid cloud apps.

We offer ExpressRoute circuits that work with a diverse range of bandwidths.

The best part is that we are one of the few ExpressRoute providers in KSA that allow clients to adjust their package according to their needs. That way, you can benefit from our cutting-edge technologies without extending your budget.

Get uninterrupted access to Microsoft Cloud today!