Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

Determine the Cause, Scope, and Origin of any Security Breach

In Times of Crisis, We are Available to Deal with any Incident that May Arise Using DFIR Service

 NourNet Digital Forensics & Incident Response Service handles the most complicated security breaches and lowers recovery time, expenses, and damage by responding strategically to security issues. NourNet gives you peace of mind and faster expert-level help when your organization needs it most.

We analyze anomalous and infected networks for the presence of a targeted criminal and determine if they have been compromised by known or zero-day malware and persistent threats that have evaded your cybersecurity defenses.

DFIR Service Features

Experts to Defend

Our DFIR team is responsible for identifying cyber attacks, triaging them to determine their nature and extent, and gathering actionable data to assist with response and determine the attacker identity


Get it on the Board

With our DFIR Service you can develop a strategy for managing threats readiness before, during and after an incident and presented to the board of directors


Litigate With Confidence

With our DFIR Service you can ensure the integrity of the chain of custody for digital criminal evidence by using our experience in digital evidence management


Flexible Service Delivery

Digital Forensics and Incident Response Service obtain what you need, whether it is emergency action if you detect a breach or proactive preparedness to help you batten down the hatches for the eventual catastrophe


24/7 Global Response

With our DFIR Service, we can limit exposure, stop losses, and preserve evidence to ensure your safety while providing 24/7 support availability


Legal and Insurance Defense

Our DFIR Service is completely compliant with worldwide legal and insurance standards in order to offer a quality of service you can rely on if a breach results in legal and/or insurance procedures


With Our DFIR Service You Can:

Respond to situations quickly and precisely
Reduce the risk of data loss or theft, as well as reputational damage, as a consequence of a cybersecurity assault
Improve current security processes and procedures by gaining a better awareness of threats
Recover from security incidents faster and with less impact to company operations

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