Resource Augmentation

Empower your business with skilled workers without interviewing, testing or hiring

Resource Augmentation

Many businesses will at one time or another, realize they need more manpower. They simply need more hands to complete all their tasks. But, businesses don’t just need anyone, they need highly skilled workers, that are trained or can be trained very quickly and are certified to do a particularly skilled job.

Hiring in the traditional sense will take too long and work will begin to pile up. The interviews, referencing, onboarding, and all the additional paperwork that goes along with it, will be counterproductive in terms of timescale. This is where resource management comes in and provides rapid access to skills and an increase in headcount. Resource augmentation is all about scaling up or down, in the use of temporary workers who are just as skilled as your full-time employees. This is better than hiring permanent employees for so many reasons.

Uses For Resource Augmentation

You can fill employment gaps quickly, especially for highly skilled or important members of the team. If an employee has been injured, wants to take off time, needs to leave for maternity leave, or perhaps is going through mental health problems, resource augmentation finds qualified professionals to take over their role. This is so important for roles like managers and IT professionals, etc.

If you are in the midst of a very important project, but all of your current workforces are already working overtime when a new project emerges, how can you cope? With resource augmentation, you get extra bodies in your office, so you can take on new projects and keep customers happy.

If you have taken on a new project for which you lack the specialized skills to manage, we will find the right talent to fill in the skills gap and become part of your team. If none of your current employees are skilled enough in an area, it can also be a service used to train one or two via the additional resource you have hired.

Maybe you weren’t able to hire the right people this hiring season, so it’s always a good idea to hire extra skilled workers to get you through to the end of the year.

If you’re thinking of increasing your team but not quite sure which areas need boosting, you can experiment with staff augmentation and help you test the waters.

Resource augmentation is actually quite simple. It’s as easy as using temporary or contract workers, to simply fill a short-term position within your organization. However, the process might be the same, but the types of employees you can select from are far different. Instead of being given workers that meet vague criteria, you have job-specific and skill-specific choices of workers to choose from. They will be trained and qualified to do the jobs you put them in.

How does it work?

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