Secure Web Gateway Service

Time to stop unsecured Internet traffic and enforce granular corporate policies

Our SWG Safeguards Your Business from Malicious Web Activities

Cyber-threats have become far too common in KSA. However, you no longer have to worry about modern viruses and malware or struggle with misused bandwidth or lost productivity.

NourNet provides you with advanced Secure Web Gateway Service that combines protection capabilities against viruses, malware, and spyware with a robust reporting engine and effective policy creation. In addition, our SWG Service helps businesses to adapt to the changing requirements, such as remote filtering, social-network regulation, and visibility into SSL-encrypted traffic. Moreover, it provides your business the ability to enforce access and content policies for different users using desktop and mobile devices outside of the office network.


Plan and Enact Corporate Policies

NourNet SWG Service enforces granular policies upon user activities. This way, you can limit risky behavior, regulate bandwidth usage, and boost productivity. You will be able to oversee how your organization accesses applications and websites, and control your activity on the Web 2.0 platforms upon bandwidth, time, groups, users, and other criteria.


Counter Web-Based Security Risks

With our SWG Service, we protect our clients’ networks and users by limiting requests to unreliable and malicious websites, detecting and removing viruses, and blocking spyware downloads.


Monitor and Track Networks and User Activity

Use innovative dashboard and integrated reporting. Get in-depth and clear insight into your network threats and user activity. Administrators can utilize this visibility by creating effective policies and add proactive alerts so you are notified in time and remove threats quickly.


Full Management and Control

Centrally control your Secure Web Gateway Service tools over the Internet, customize and deploy network protection quickly.


Secure All Devices

Our SWG Service delivers policies and advanced security to remote users. Configuration is done to filter the traffic of remote clients and align them with on-network users under the same policies.


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