Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Manage risks and meet regulatory compliance requirements through GRC Programs.

Minimize IT & cyber security risks with comprehensive GRC programs

NourNet GRC provides a detailed and comprehensive review of your organization’s cybersecurity posture, based on International and Local standards such as NCA, SAMA, ISO, PCI-DSS, COBIT, GDPR, Cyber Security Resilience, etc. Any of these frameworks requires systematic risk analysis, control identification and documentation, as well as compliance monitoring and measurement, which can be used to test and develop your business continuity plans.

GRC Compliance Programs


NourNet supports your business in assessing, planning, and complying with NCA Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC), which apply to both government and private sectors that own, operate, or host critical national infrastructure.



We enable financial institutions to evaluate, plan and comply with SAMA Cyber Security Framework to effectively identify and address cyber risks, to maintain protection of information assets and online services.



We perform ISO 27001 pre-certification audits and provide a framework for implementing an information security management system (ISMS) in your organization. Our expertise combines technical and business processes. Thus, balancing the exercise of people, processes, and technology.



NourNet putting in place a wide range of technical and operational controls needed to comply with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), to evaluate your business payment security and to avoid any cyber risks or reputational damage.



NourNet COBIT is aimed at organizations of all sizes and all sectors. It is ideal for professionals involved in assurance, security, risk, privacy/compliance.


Cyber Security Resilience

Cyber resilience enhance  company’s ability to maintain vital processes amid a data leak or cyberattack. Management should understand cyber resilience a critical strategic aim to improve benefits and limit cyber attack effect. With a cyber resilience strategy, companies can resist and recover quickly from cyber assaults.


ARAMCO CCC Compliance Readiness

Our Compliance Readiness service helps businesses establish Cybersecurity frameworks, policies, processes, security awareness training, and pre-audits to be audit-ready. We make Aramco’s corporate cybersecurity compliance obligations easy, secure, and systematic.


Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL)

Our GRC experts analyze your existing security maturity level throughout domains and deliver a clear report on the risks and prioritized investments needed to achieve your goal maturity state.



  • Risk and control management
    Risk data management and analytics that help to measure, quantify, and predict risk and determine steps to reduce it.
  • Audit & Policy management
    GRC audit management help to organize information and simplify processes for conducting internal policies and audits.
  • Document Management
    Content and document management that helps businesses create, track, and store digitized content.
  • Dashboards and Reports
    GRC dashboard provides a central interface where key performance indicators relevant to business processes and objectives can be monitored in real-time.
  • Workflow
    Our GRC Workflow management help companies establish, execute, and monitor GRC-related workflows.

Use Cases

  • Efficiency
    GRC programs help companies break data and process silos, comply with regulations, monitor, measure, and predict losses and risk events. Third-party integration supports automated measurement and IT controls for regulatory and business requirements on a policy framework.
  • Risk assessment and reduction
    GRC prgrams helps companies automate and manage risk assessments and reduction, to prepare for Sarbanes-Oxley Act audits, departments must keep and secure invoices, HR records, and financial reports. A good GRC program can assist businesses fix and monitor redundant control sets and ineffective frameworks to avoid repeatable risk issues.
  • Strategic support for performance and ROI
    Occasionally, it can be challenging for businesses to allocate resources, address conflicts of interest, and measure success. This can be the result of managing the exponential growth of third-party relationships and risk while grappling with the rising cost of addressing risks and requirements. With metrics generated by a GRC programs, businesses can set and monitor clear objectives. This will enhance their performance and return on investment.

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