Red Teaming Service

In-House Red Team Experts to Detect, Respond, and Terminate Vulnerabilities

Intelligence-Driven Security Tests by our Red Teaming Service


NourNet’s Red Team Service Operation is designed to go beyond the scope of conventional security testing by examining the ability of technology, personnel, and procedures to identify and thwart a highly targeted attack and sustained assault.

Our Red Teaming Service aims to test, assess, and improve your security performance as determined by our cyber security experts. Our team creates realistic attack scenarios during red teaming engagements by combining open source intelligence (OSINT) and threat intelligence that are tailored to your company and its IT infrastructure requirements.

Red Teaming Service Features

Sustained Testing

NourNet Red Teaming Service provides a comprehensive and continually shifting range of enterprise-wide assessment capabilities.


Managing Attack Surface

Our Red Teaming Service enables you to learn about shadow IT and perform an assessment of your network, which will help you make informed decisions based on the level of risk involved.



Red Teaming Service provides the best practices for regulation frameworks such as NCA, SAMA, ISO, PCI-DSS, COBIT, GDPR, Cyber Security Resilience etc, as per your business needs.


Red Teaming All the Time

Red Teaming Service is a human-verified set of techniques and procedures (TTPs) simulating real-world attackers to identify and take down risks.


Comprehensive Protection

We’ve got you covered with our Red Teaming Service, which provides various levels of protection that include your network, cloud, web application, mobile, wireless, and databases.


Cyber Resilience

Red Teaming Service evaluates and examines how well you can work in challenging situations. Because resilience transcends recuperation.


Red Teaming Service Benefits

Review Your Actions After Being Attacked
  • Find out how well your team and infrastructure would do in the face of a well-planned cyberattack
Determine and Label Potential Security Threats
  • Find out whether your most important systems, data, and resources are vulnerable to attack
Identify Unknown Vulnerabilities
  • Red teaming helps find vulnerabilities that might be exploited to an attackers by simulating their techniques
Respond to Recognized Risks
  • Get crucial assistance once an operation is complete to fix any vulnerabilities found and mitigate in the real-world of actual attacks
Boost the Efficiency of Blue Team
  • Red team testing helps your security team find and fix blind spots in threat coverage and visibility by simulating a wide variety of situations
Plan Your Future Investments
  • Learn where your company is vulnerable in terms of security so you can shore up those areas and maximize the return on any future efforts

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