Audio Conferencing

You no longer have to spend needlessly on in-person meetings.

Connect Remote Teams, Multiple Offices, Partners, and Clients Seamlessly

Increase employees’ productivity by allowing them to collaborate at anytime from anywhere using the best-in-class audio conferencing technologies. NourNet provides Saudi market with seamless conferencing experience for meetings and events of any size, at anytime, anywhere with crystal clear audio quality while ensuring all attendees are able to effortlessly join and participate.


Affordable Conference Calls

NourNet provides economical teleconferencing. It comes as a part of your organisation’s monthly collaboration plan.


Call Records

Record and download calls in the MP3 format. Share them through email and other tools to your desired participants.


International Calling

Establish international connections with local phone numbers. Regardless of the call duration or destination, NourNet can facilitate you to make calls at local call rates, providing a great deal of respite to your tight budget.


Enhanced Control

NourNet provides full control to managers and executives over the conference calls. You can use critical conferencing options, such as the mute functionality. Minimise the disruptions caused by the background noise easily with noise-proof technology.


How Does NourNet Transform Your Organisation?

NourNet’s audio conferencing can help your business to become more profitable due to the following advantages:


Since we provide local access numbers to our clients, it cut downs their costs to a significant extent. Moreover, since it eliminates the prospect of face-to-face meetings, therefore less business travel = fewer accommodation costs!
A Powerful Tool
With audio conferencing, you can empower your sales people to conduct improved sales calls. It can give you a much-needed edge in shaping high-quality communication with your existing and upcoming clients.
NourNet’s installed system can help you to dial a conference call from any device at any location. Allow your employees to participate on-the-go with their mobile phones and tablets.

The best Audio Conferencing Call Cervices in KSA!