Managed LAN

Focus on your core business and leave WAN management to us

Managed LAN Services

LAN plays such a critical role in the performance of your IT infrastructure. However, if you have your own LAN ports, it can be expensive and indeed time-consuming to maintain and operate them. This is why Managed LAN Services are so important. The boost the productivity of your team, by minimizing downtime as the lack of on-premises maintenance allows for constant upkeep of your network. The support we provide, therefore, unleashes your team to fully concentrate on their projects and tasks.

We have a suite with a plethora of options, which can be selected in a mix-and-match approach. Or, we can design a totally unique system for your individual needs. There are multiple tiers to choose from, so you have an affordable and scalable LAN network. The entire infrastructure is taken care of, so your business can keep its eyes on the prize of growth and success.


Tailored Services

Our services are unique and we design them to your specific requirements. Whatever your technical needs for your business, our Managed LAN services are adaptable to any scenario you are operating under


Expert Resources

Our specialists are here to support any and all of your issues. The specialist technical teams and our field engineers will arrive at your location, assess the network concerns, and solve any issues. We also do major software updates and major fault resolution


Locational Insights

No matter where you’re based, our regional expertise and knowledge are second to none. Our experts will analyze existing issues, find solutions, and implement them as quickly as possible. We will also analyze any prototype issues, which are just coming into existence and presenting a totally unseen and unique challenge to your LAN network


Vendor Escalation

All your formal processes needed for vendor escalation can be possible with our Managed LAN Services. Any and all software updates needed to be compatible with their systems, or perhaps extend the life of your equipment, we can manage completely for you. This also reduces the maintenance cost as our formal process takes into account longevity and affordability


Minimize Downtime

Any worst-case scenario involves your LAN network being down. This could be due to a virus, an issue with your equipment, or perhaps an error that’s been downloaded in a patch update. With our Managed LAN services, we minimize your downtime to the nth degree. Our professionals will support your local network with tailor-made packages and keep you up and running


Free-up Time

When we are watching over your IT infrastructure, you can take your eyes off your LAN network and focus on the things that help you as a business grows. We take care of your equipment, software, and allow you to concentrate on your projects and deadlines


If you want a faster and more reliable LAN network, we’re here to help!