Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Protect. Replicate. Recover

Take your data protection to the next level


NourNet offers Disaster Recovery as a Service on our local cloud to provide you a high level of data protection that promotes business continuity and operations in critical situations. We do this by activating a complete failover with our data centers as your target site.

NourNet specializes in delivering holistic disaster recovery services and backup operations during high-risk situations. We’ve got years of experience, the best disaster recovery tools, and a team of capable technicians that swoop in to save your data, system, and operations. As well as, data centers that act as your temporary disaster sites during the recovery phase.

With us you get:

  • A high availability server and secure data centers to avoid downtime
  • Seamless migration plan that makes replication and restoration simpler.
  • Super secure cloud service that protects your business management applications and confidential data.
  • Data recovery strategies to optimize data recovery.

DRaaS Benefits

Complete access to advanced data centers located in the Kingdom.
Uninterrupted business continuity and IT operations.
A professional disaster recovery team that is ready to assist you throughout the recovery and migration phase.
24×7 managed services to resolve ongoing issues caused by the disaster.
No overhead costs to migrate to a high availability server.
Flexible offerings and adjustable disaster recovery plans.
Quicker recovery time and zero compliance issues.

Get the most reliable Disaster Recovery as a Service today!