Penetration Testing

Leverage ethical hacking to prevent a possible intrusion

Transform Your Organisation’s Security Into

An Unbreachable Fortress

Penetration testing improves your defences by uncovering vulnerabilities and recommending solutions to fix them. Whether you need to test your web application’s IP address or go ahead with a red team engagement, NourNet has got you covered.

NourNet penetration testing department consists of a highly-skilled and experienced team of testers. Our penetration testers can mimic cybercriminals and break into your system by emulating modern hacking techniques. Unlike hackers, we abide by a mutually agreed ROE (Rules of Engagement). This means that we stop the pen test before inflicting any damage to your IT infrastructure or exposing any of your critical data.


Gather intelligence and define the scope and goals of a test.



Find out the behaviour of your target applications against a wide range of intrusion campaigns. We can perform both static and dynamic analysis to inspect your application code.


Gain Access

Employ web applications attacks, such as backdoors, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting to identify vulnerabilities in the target system. Next, we assess if the system is vulnerable to data theft or data interception.


Maintain Access

Build progress from the previous step to check whether the system can be exploited for a more comprehensive access. We can replicate APT (advanced persistent threats)—malware that goes undetected in a server for months.



NourNet generates a report that lists down the number of exploited vulnerabilities, shows data that was accessed, and reveals the period for which we remained undetected in your network.


Types of Penetration Testing

Web Application
Mobile Application
Social Engineering

Want to make sure that hackers cannot break into your system?

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