Managed Server Support

Strengthen Your Infrastructure with NourNet Managed Server Support

Managed Server Support

Our team takes care of troubleshooting, monitoring, management and administration to make your servers running as easy as possible. We offer Managed Server Support for different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Solaris. We provide managed server support services to different Windows Server versions. In addition, we extend our support to servers running ASP and ASP.NET scripting frameworks, helping you focus on your core business. We also provide support for Linux servers. The open-source platform makes it more affordable to run a Linux server. We can provide managed server support for Linux servers using Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and other Linux distributors.

Our experts also provide support for the Oracle Solaris operating system, which offers a high-performance platform. Our technicians are experts in the WebLogic Server and Solaris Cluster Data Service, among other Oracle products.



Installation and configuration of your servers and operating systems

Security updates and monitoring of server security to ensure secure servers at all times

Operating system and software updates to prevent vulnerabilities and provide up-to-date functionality

Optimized servers to help you run your business smoothly and remain productive

Regular backups to protect your data and enable business continuity

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