Remote Hands

Use NourNet Remote Hands Services to keep everything under control.

Keep Equipment in Check with an Extra Pair of Hands

NourNet has always gone the extra mile to support business continuity and operations. We’ve invested in a high-tech tier 3 data centre that is truly carrier-neutral and is backed with a highly redundant network backbone. The always-on networking service and effective strategies allow us to eliminate downtimes, network latencies, and slow operations.

Instead of calling clients to address every tiny technical glitch that crops up during normal circumstances, we offer a remote hands service. The service allows colocation clients to delegate colocation management tasks. They can do this through real-time communication or by permitting NourNet tech support teams to manage the site around the clock.

NourNet Remote Hands Services Include:

  • Plugging and unplugging network cables and other equipment whenever required.
  • Conducting inventory checks and audits to ensure that that the colocation site has everything clients need in case of disasters.
  • Handling routine maintenance and service checks for the machines, servers and other equipment placed in our data centre.
  • Performing reboots and resets for clients who can’t come to the site.
  • Power cycling and configurations if it’s requested.
  • Running standard device and server management checks on client’s request.
  • nstalling and replacing technical equipment according to the client’s requirements.
  • Proving colocation site technical support to resolve localised networking and equipment issues & all other mundane tasks that help manage colocation sites.
Respond and combat cybercrimes, identity threats, and security breaches within the colocation facility.
Develop budget-friendly service plans that reduce maintenance costs.
Improves productivity and efficiency of the colocation site operations.
Mitigate risks and loss of revenue caused by neglect.
Receive free IT consultation during critical circumstances.
Upgrade, audit, and reboot systems in the colocation site.

Looking for hosting and colocation around the clock services?

NourNet Data Centres offer all this and more!