The Region’s First DCOS-Certified Data Center!

NourNet has achieved its Data Center Operations Standard maturity certification level 3 (DCOS-3) after a thorough certification process by EPI, a worldwide data center expert and certified certification authority. This certification defines the governance, processes and procedures which should be implemented for data center sites to make operational processes as efficient and secure as possible. It was achieved by implementing certain steps, such as human process, documented process, a development process, a measured process integration, training, and monitoring. DCOS (Data Centre Operations Standard) is the world’s only standard covering all areas of the maintenance and operation of data centers. The rigorous audit benchmarked the operations of NourNet’s data center on five core disciplines, which are as follows:

  • Service Level Management
  • Security Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Data Center Operations
  • Monitoring / Reporting / Control

NourNet’s CEO, Mr. Amjad A. Hafez said: “This DCOS accreditation distinguishes NourNet furthermore and sends a strong message that NourNet data centers are run based on the highest international standards. NourNet underlined its determination to satisfy the superior quality need for local data services with ambitions to push it even forward to new horizons.”

EPI Group Chairman and CEO, Edward van Leent said, “According to various research results, from 50% to as high as 70% of downtime in data centers is caused by human errors. Structured policies, processes and work instructions with maturity levels that are aligned with business objectives are key to prevent human errors in data center operations. NourNet is the first data center in the Middle East region to recognize the importance of benchmarking its data center operations maturity to ensure a high availability and reliable data center. We would like to congratulate NourNet for their leadership being the first data center to be awarded the DCOS certification in the Middle East.”

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