Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Stop ransomware and file-less malware attacks before you are compromised

Give Your Endpoints the Cisco Advantage

During these tough times where your employees are working remotely, and as malware is getting more sophisticated, classic anti-virus technologies fail to provide your end points with the right protection. It is clear that protecting your employees against various cyber threats requires an infrastructure that empowers your employees with the needed awareness while automating and simplifying your security operations.

To defend against any challenge to your endpoints, Cisco AMP for Endpoints makes it easy to set up security, monitoring, response, and user access coverage. Integrated with the Cisco SecureX platform, endpoint events are enhanced with actionable insights provided to improve threat identification and response from either Cisco products or 3rd party products.

Block known malware automatically leveraging the best global threat intelligence and enforce Zero Trust by blocking risky endpoints from gaining access to applications
Run complex queries and advanced investigations across all endpoints, and continuously monitor all file activity to detect stealthy malware
Rapidly contain the attack by isolating an infected endpoint and remediating malware across PCs, Macs, Linux, servers, and mobile devices (Android and iOS)

Simplify your security

Gain comprehensive protection through fast rollout, and use automated, reliable warnings to save time, so you can focus on what matters to your organization the most.


Accelerate your success

Attack can happen quickly. With Cisco AMP unmatched threat intelligence, you will detect the threat once and protect your business from it everywhere.


Protect your future

You won’t have to keep modifying 
your security strategy as your organization expands. 
Take advantage of our resources and expertise to move your business forward.

 Increase protection for your remote employees so they can work from any location

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