Hosting & Colocation


As much as data center outsourcing is on the rise, it is a double-edged sword. Wrong selection of data center outsourcing partner can lead you into pitfalls which are far worse than having your own data center and manage it. While considering an outsourcing facility for your hosting and colocation needs, you need to consider several factors.
1. Secure accessibility – your applications should be securely accessible from all your business and partner locations over multiple telco networks as well as over the Internet
2. Flexible offering – the hosting provider should offer a flexible pack of services rather than fixed packages on a take-it-or-leave-it basis
3. Hot seats – a hosting facility that does not offer business continuity workspaces (hot seats) does not offer a complete business continuity solution in case a disaster strikes
4. In-Kingdom setup – The facility should ideally be located inside Saudi Arabia to safeguard confidentiality and data sovereignty interests of Saudi businesses
5. Managed services – most customers prefer a hosting setup which is backed by managed services so that their IT team is relieved of the routine infrastructure management tasks
NourNet offers a hosting and colocation facility that offers unique advantages over other hosting providers in the Kingdom.

Data is the most vital asset for any business today. In our hyper-connected, always-on world, corporate data will keep doubling every year until 2020. Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to securely store, effectively manage and intelligently interpret data.

Traditionally, businesses used to invest in their own data centers. However, an increasing number of businesses are realizing that this is not a prudent investment for two main reasons.

First, managing today’s data center is a complex task that requires continuous investments in multiple skills and technologies. Second, there is a growing demand from business functions for IT to participate in business transformation.

What’s the solution? More and more customers are realizing that their business is to run their business; managing data is someone else’s responsibility. That is why data center outsourcing, hosting, colocation and cloud services are on the rise.

NourNet has invested in Saudi Arabia’s first truly carrier neutral data center. Situated in East of Riyadh, this 4,500 m2 tier-3 facility has a capacity of 450 racks. Preferred by customers of all sizes belonging to a multitude of industry verticals, the data center offers a flexible pack of services.
Seven Reasons why you should opt for NourNet Hosting & Colocation Services