Enterprise network is often the most ignored, yet crucial component of the IT infrastructure on which fancier components like CRM, workflow and data analytics heavily depend on. When your enterprise WAN is slow, it slows down the applications, delays workflows and upsets your employees. But the real outcome is that a slow WAN slows down the entire business. Here’s how.
1. For businesses to succeed in today’s cut-throat competitive world, offering seamless in-store and online customer experience is pivotal. A slow network preempts business from doing just that, resulting in dissatisfied customers who seldom return
2. businesses have started to rely on an increasing number of applications from ERP to CRM to data analytics. Increased latency means delayed decision making
3. employee interaction is on the rise. Collaboration and interactivity provide needed impetus to business. WAN slowness kills collaboration and takes a business in the “email-age”
These are the reason that in addition to network uptime, smart CIOs now measure network performance in terms of services consumed, internal and external customer satisfied, and tasks completed.
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What is E-VPN?