Clean Pipe Internet

Cloud adoption is on the rise. To keep capital expenditure low, businesses are turning to cloud based applications for SaaS, backup and collaboration. This means increased Internet bandwidths. While the prices of Internet connectivity are on a decline, Internet is a double-edged sword. At one end, it enables businesses to avail the flexibility of cloud and collaboration. However on the other hand, it comes with all its vulnerabilities which many-a-times result in compromised business confidential information.

Research says that more than 60% of the top 100 sites are malware infected and about 50% threats hide behind SSL. By visiting trusted site, users become bots and when they connect to their enterprise networks, they bring in Internet’s vulnerabilities which compromises confidential information.
NourNet’s cleanpipe Internet adds a protective layer on your business and shields you from the pitfalls of Internet. It protects your enterprise users, Internet facing applications and web servers from being attacked. It also prevents your intellectual property and sensitive data from leaked.