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  • Turnkey Solution

    From connectivity to data center hosting, cloud, managed services and security

  • Kingdomwide Service

    We serve customers in over 30 cities and business locations across Saudi Arabia

  • Wide Industry Experience

    From BFSI to retail & distribution, from public sector to energy, from healthcare to education – we work with thousands of customers

  • Strong SLAs

    Service availability commitments tailored to individual customers

  • Trusted Partners

    We’re the team customers entrust for all their technology needs while they participate in business growth

  • Flexible Engagement Model

    We engage at the level customers want us to and have the ability to walk the whole nice yards


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Your enterprise network performance is directly related to your business performance. Do you see it that way? Consider this. Your marketing and sales teams need to upload digital content frequently. Your internal teams need to access business applications from all locations around the clock. The supply chain needs to collaborate with partners in the quickest possible time. Project teams in different offices need to collaborate interactively.  And all this should happen in the most secured manner. To accomplish all this, your enterprise network becomes the key success factor in your business’s agility and transformation.

We get it. That’s why we have structured our corporate connectivity services to suit needs and preferences of customers ranging from public organizations to Saudi enterprises to small and medium businesses. Our two decades of experience providing connectivity solutions to over 1,500 corporate customers helps us improve service features on a continual basis. We realized in the very beginning that no one or two service providers will be able to cover the entire Kingdom. That’s why we adopted an approach of partnering rather than competing. As a result, NourNet today offers Saudi Arabia’s most extensive network with redundant backbone, more lastmile media and better SLAs that any other corporate connectivity provider.

6 reasons why you should connect with NourNet





Enterprise network is often the most ignored, yet crucial component of the IT infrastructure on which fancier components like CRM, workflow and data analytics heavily depend on. When your enterprise WAN is slow, it slows down the applications, delays workflows and upsets your employees. But the real outcome is that a slow WAN slows down the entire business. Here’s how.

1. For businesses to succeed in today’s cut-throat competitive world, offering seamless in-store and online customer experience is pivotal. A slow network preempts business from doing just that, resulting in dissatisfied customers who seldom return

2. Businesses have started to rely on an increasing number of applications from ERP to CRM to data analytics. Increased latency means that your customers, partners and employees will suffer from application slowness

3. Employee interaction is on the rise. Collaboration and interactivity provide needed impetus to business. WAN slowness kills collaboration and takes a business in the “email-age”

These are the reason that in addition to network uptime, smart CIOs now measure network performance in terms of services consumed, internal and external customer satisfied, and tasks completed.

Our E-VPN service offers a one-window operation to connect all your locations, wherever they are around the Kingdom. We offer end-to-end manageability, 100% security, 24×7 monitoring and multilingual support. In short better time-to-value.

NourNet E-VPN service offers the scale and flexibility over other modes of enterprise communication.

Clean Pipe Internet

Cloud adoption is on the rise. To keep capital expenditure low, businesses are turning to cloud based applications for SaaS, backup and collaboration. This means increased Internet bandwidths. While the prices of Internet connectivity are on a decline, Internet is a double-edged sword. At one end, it enables businesses to avail the flexibility of cloud and collaboration. However on the other hand, it comes with all its vulnerabilities which many-a-times result in compromised business confidential information.

Research says that more than 60% of the top 100 sites are malware infected and about 50% threats hide behind SSL. By visiting trusted site, users become bots and when they connect to their enterprise networks, they bring in Internet’s vulnerabilities which compromises confidential information.
NourNet’s cleanpipe Internet adds a protective layer on your business and shields you from the pitfalls of Internet. It protects your enterprise users, Internet facing applications and web servers from being attacked. It also prevents your intellectual property and sensitive data from leaked.


Why NourNet

What is E-VPN?



Data is the most vital asset for any business today. In our hyper-connected, always-on world, corporate data will keep doubling every year until 2020. Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to securely store, effectively manage and intelligently interpret data.

Traditionally, businesses used to invest in their own data centers. However, an increasing number of businesses are realizing that this is not a prudent investment for two main reasons.

First, managing today’s data center is a complex task that requires continuous investments in multiple skills and technologies. Second, there is a growing demand from business functions for IT to participate in business transformation.

What’s the solution? More and more customers are realizing that their business is to run their business; managing data is someone else’s responsibility. That’s why data center outsourcing, hosting, colocation and cloud services are on the rise.

NourNet has invested in Saudi Arabia’s first truly carrier neutral data center. Situation in north of Riyadh, this 4,500 m2 tier-3 certified facility has a capacity of 450 racks. Preferred by customers of all sizes belonging to a multitude of industry verticals, the data center offers a flexible pack of services.

A:NourNet data center services



B:Watch: Data runs your business

C:Watch: What to look for a data center provider 

D:Watch: NourNet’s Carrier-neutral tier-3 Data Center








If not cloud, what? If not now, when?

What is Cloud Computing?


Most Saudi businesses and their IT teams have embraced that Cloud Computing is a reality. What puzzles them is which cloud provider to go with. Some businesses cite fears of information security and unauthorized access to their confidential data. Others are skeptical about the hidden costs. While some others worry about vendor lock-in and unavailability of local backup of their data on the cloud.

We have solved the Cloud Puzzle

Cloud infrastructure has been at the core of NourNet’s strategy since 2013 when we launched the first generation of our cloud services. Since then, we’ve been working with hundreds of Saudi businesses helping their cloud journey by planning, executing and managing their cloud workloads. In addition, we’ve been enriching our cloud offering regularly so that our customers get the best value for their infrastructure investments.

Vendor Neutral Cloud Orchestrator

NourNet today is Saudi Arabia’s only vendor-agnostic Cloud Orchestrator. We offer IaaS and PaaS on the following cloud platforms:


  • Hosting on our public cloud
  • Private cloud hosting in our data center
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Oracle PCA-based Cloud
  • SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) based Cloud

This approach is driven by our customers. When we ventured into cloud services, cloud hosting was a novice concept in Saudi Arabia. Some customers were not sure as to how to go about it and those who were aware were skeptical of keeping their data outside Saudi Arabia. This became the primary reason why we begun by offering a 100% Saudi cloud. The traction was slow to begin with, but our local cloud adoption picked up and by the end of 2016, we had already launched 2nd generation of our cloud services.


By then, International vendors also started to pitch their cloud offerings to Saudi customers. We evaluated our options and concluded that adding international cloud services to our local offering would provide a good hybrid option to our customers. There are multiple reasons for this hybrid strategy.

1.      Legacy Infrastructure

Almost all Saudi businesses started by hosting their production workloads, on-prem. While many customers have opted for hosting one or more subsequent services with a cloud provider, it is often difficult to move the production workloads to a cloud infrastructure of their choice. Hence both on-prem and on-cloud workloads need to be supported


2.      Skillset

Since most cloud providers offer un-managed infrastructure, different customers opt for different cloud platforms depending upon the skillset their team has. Over time, as it happens, the skillset of IT teams changes due to people leaving or new people joining. Consequently, customers end up having a truly hybrid environment with multiple workloads on multiple platforms


3.      Cloud Infrastructure Availability

Since none of the International cloud providers have an in-Kingdom infrastructure as yet, customers have multiple considerations to opt for one over the other. Sometimes it is the Internet latency, other times it is native integration with their applications and some other times it is promotions from a certain cloud provider.

For a customer-driven organization like NourNet, it therefore became clear that we won’t be able to support a large segment of our customers if we get into a lock-in partnership with one international cloud provider. That is the reason why NourNet today offers multiple options when it comes to cloud infrastructure.

Interesting stats about our cloud services


How are our Cloud services different?

Accessible over KSA’s most advanced MPLS network and multiple Internet providers

Our cloud infrastructure is accessible over Saudi Arabia’s most advanced MPLS network. Our network covers the length and breadth of the Kingdom and offers a multitude of lastmile media. It is backhauled by multiple telecom operators to ensure service availability 24×7. If customers want to access our cloud over the internet, they could do so over multiple Internet service providers.

Backed by Managed Services

We’re one of the few cloud providers who offer cloud infrastructure along with optional managed services at very cost-effective rates. This relieves your IT team from managing your infrastructure on our or an international cloud so that they may focus on more meaningful tasks such as IT initiatives to support business growth.

24×7 Monitoring

Our cloud infrastructure is monitored 24×7 under an ITIL service management framework by a team of engineers who have advanced skills in all components. So you can be at peace that someone is watching over the infrastructure which hosts your crucial business applications.


Highly Secured

We have deployed multiple levels of security at the physical infrastructure level. In additional, your virtual servers are protected by antivirus software. Internet facing virtual servers are protected by web application firewall. Customers also have the option to further protect

their Internet applications by DDoS services which ensures availability of your Internet based services.


No Hidden costs

Many local and international cloud providers do not reveal true cost of ownership. The devil is only revealed when you’ve signed up and get into the details. Not with us. Our proposals and contracts provide 100% visibility and predictability into the expenses.



NourNet cloud services are scalable so that you don’t have to invest in over-sized infrastructure to cater for peak loads. You can start small and then increase the size of your infrastructure permanently or temporarily, as the need be.


Zero capex, only Opex

There’s no upfront investment that we ask for. Just pay a fixed monthly charge and you’re good to go.



We do not force you to buy a minimum set of services. Start where you want to and then increase or decrease your consumption as per your business requirement.

Our Cloud Services

Virtual Servers

Virtual server on NourNet cloud is our basic cloud offering. Alongside basic compute, memory and storage, VMs come with options of Windows and Linux operating systems, antivirus, backup and managed services.


Backup as a Service

Our backup as a service is best suited for customers who have an on-prem infrastructure and who want to have an off-site backup. The service is also ideal for customers who have their primary workloads on Microsoft Azure but want to keep their primary or backup data within Saudi Arabia for compliance reasons. Microsoft Office 365 customers can opt for the service to have a local copy of their mailboxes.

We offer multiple options of backup on our cloud.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Every business knows that recovering from natural disasters, fires, and terrorist activities is difficult. However not every business realizes that disruptions caused by server breakdown, cyber attacks and power outages can also have a significant impact on business continuity and business’s credibility.


NourNet offers disaster recovery solution on our cloud.


DR on our Cloud

This is the most cost-effective option for a disaster recovery solution for your business. Whether your primary application infrastructure is on your own premises, is hosted in a provider data center like NourNet or is on an international cloud like Microsoft Azure or AWS, we offer a virtual DR service on the cloud. We achieve this by creating an environment which is similar to your primary environment and depending upon your recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO), we setup the replication to be either continuous or timed.


Customers also opt for business continuity workspaces (hot seats) to enable their IT team to continue running the IT infrastructure in case their primary location of operation becomes unavailable.

Oracle PCA-based Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle is a world leader when it comes to providing ERP and other business applications, on-prem and on the cloud under a SaaS model. However, a number of Saudi businesses are unable to take advantage of Oracle’s SaaS’s offering due to their workloads being too small to qualify or have to comply to data sovereignty compliance. Such customers are compelled to opt for hosting Oracle applications on-prem or on a hosting provider’s data center on standard servers. That is an expensive proposition considering the high TCO. The problem doubles when such customers are required to create their disaster recovery sites.


To provide a cost-effective Oracle infrastructure to such customers, NourNet has invested in a cloud environment based on Oracle’s Private Cloud Appliance (PCA). It offers customers a native Oracle environment with up to 40% savings on Oracle software licensing costs.

What is PCA-based Cloud?

PCA is a converged infrastructure system aimed to provide turnkey Oracle cloud. A consolidated platform for Linux, Windows, or Oracle Solaris applications, PCA integrates with NourNet cloud and all public clouds, notably Microsoft Azure, AWS and Oracle’s own cloud.


The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance also accelerates application stack deployment through support for Oracle VM Templates— pre-configured applications, middleware, and databases packaged as ready-to-run VMs that can be dynamically configured as they are deployed.


Our PCA-based cloud is ideal for customers to deploy their primary or backup Oracle application workloads. If the primary workload is on-premise, our PCA-based cloud infrastructure could be the backup workload. If the primary workload is on our PCA-based cloud, backup workload could be at NourNet public cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or customer’s own disaster recovery site.

Our Oracle PCA-based cloud delivers:


  • A complete stack solution integrating Oracle or third-party operating systems, Oracle VM, Oracle x86 servers, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Virtual Networking, and Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Converged  Infrastructure         control     for rapid configuration, management, and provisioning of all server, network, and storage resources
  • A unified, software-defined network fabric allowing new networks to be dynamically added and existing networks to be modified without the need to manually modify cabling
  • Support for a wide variety of guest operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris
  • Support for customer provided storage from Oracle and storage from other vendors
  • Unified, secure management with browser-based, at-a-glance visibility of all hardware components and secure, encrypted remote access

Tangible Benefits

  • Reduce power, cooling and data center space cost by up to 75%
  • Reduce hardware cost by running all application on a single hardware platform
  • Reduce operational cost by up to 80%
  • Increase application performance by up to 30%
  • Achieve up to 5 times better price-performance ratio

    Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) based SAP Infrastructure


    SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is an all-in-one solution for delivering SAP solution in the cloud. However, several Saudi businesses find it technical difficult to adapt to SAP HANA offering. This is mainly because they lack in resources and expertise to operate their own data center. On the other hand, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions address only the infrastructure layer of the solution stack—and lack the customizability that organizations typically require. By contrast, the ideal solution will allow you to focus on innovation, adopt an adaptive, scalable operating model, reduce time and cost to go-live, and provide comprehensive SLAs and coordinated managed services across your solution landscape.


    Keeping these considerations in mind, NourNet offers a SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud solution. A fully scalable and secure managed cloud service, it empowers IT team to focus on supporting business innovation and transformation. It also helps reduce application management risks significantly.


    Our solution is based on the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud reference architecture which is acknowledged as the defacto industry standard for running SAP HANA in the cloud. Validated by SAP, this private cloud provides a complete solution including:


    • Enterprise applications
    • Infrastructure and cloud managed services
    • Application management services
    • Security


    Customer Benefits

    • Reliable hosting environment Faster time-to-value
    • Zero hardware investment
    • Backed by managed services
    • Reduced cost and risk


NourNet is a tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP). We offer managed hosting services on Microsoft Azure.

Our architects and engineers can help build a highly automated migration ‘factory’ that utilizes System Center and PowerShell to streamline the process of moving existing workloads to Microsoft Azure. Deliver more dynamic infrastructure Solutions at lower costs by migrating from legacy operating systems to a modern Solution on Azure. Microsoft can also run the factory, delivering compelling per-VM migration costs and freeing your staff to work on higher value activities.

We can help further integrate Microsoft Azure with your management tools, development processes, and operational models. From technical integration with a change management database, to operational consulting, to implement ITIL based management of the cloud, we can help make Azure fit your world.

Our team helps businesses maximize uptime, reduce cost and complexity, and accelerate cloud implementation through enhanced technical support, Microsoft Azure specialized expertise, and proactive services to address the needs of organizations running infrastructure and applications in the Cloud.

Digital economy is threatening the survival of many conventional businesses. The reason is not digital technology or innovative business model, as much as it is the absence of skilled technologists and IT leaders. There is a pressing need for IT leaders and IT teams who can enable their organizations to crossover to the digital economy and drive new revenue streams. A whole new set of skills needs to be acquired. 2018 and beyond will be about IT departments who could play a game-changer role for their businesses. At the same time, IT departments must keep their organization’s systems, infrastructure and users up and running 24×7. How are the CIO supposed to balance out between their strategic and operational IT roles?

CIO as the Value-Creator

Hundreds of our customers have found the answer in Managed services outsourcing. By outsourcing their routine IT management tasks to us, smart CIOs attain the much-needed value-creator position. They are able to support their sales and marketing teams to find new ways of attracting, retaining and growing customers and finding creative means to offer their company’s products and services. Sounds smart, right?


Look at it this way: with digital economy over-shadowing the conventional economy fast, we are seeing more and more businesses creating positions of Chief Digital Officer and Head of Digital Transformation. We see it as an opportunity for smart CIOs to grab this role. However, CIOs would only be able to do that if they have a dependable partner looking after their IT infrastructure and services 24×7. NourNet is that partner of yours.

What are our Managed IT Services?

Our Managed IT Services are an alternative approach to managing your entire IT infrastructure. We offer quality IT resources at affordable rates under strict SLAs. You get an ongoing visibility into operational performance. Result: increased up-time of your IT infrastructure, predictability into operational expenditure and availability of your own IT resources to be used for strategic IT initiatives.


We take a holistic implementation approach towards Managed IT Services. This approach has three distinct pillars:


  1. Standard Process – we follow an ITIL-based model to ensure that service delivery is as per industry best practices
  2. Technology – we use world’s best technology tools to manage and monitor our customers infrastructure

People – ours is one of Saudi Arabia’s best team which is just the right combination of skills, expertise and experience

Three Delivery Models

Our Managed IT Services are delivered under three models:

  1. Onsite – Under this model, we provide full- or part-time resources which are either managed by NourNet or your Project Manager. This model is ideal for customers who need full-time ITresources but don’t want to go through the hassles of hiring, training and retaining
  2. Off-site dedicated – Our resources are based in NourNet office but are dedicated to performing remote management of your IT infrastructure. This model is best-suited to customers who are comfortable with remote IT management or have their IT infrastructure in the cloud
  3. Off-site leveraged – There is a pool of resources that are leveraged between multiple customers. This model works well with customers who need augmentation to their IT teams, but resources and skills are not required full-time. Our part-time resources are a perfect solution to this requirement

    Customer Benefits


    Our managed IT services outsourcing has the following benefits:


    1. Cost saving – you don’t have to hire full-time resources, train them continuously or worry about policies to retain those employees. We do just that for you. And because we use a leveraged services model, your savings on IT management are tangible
    2. Time saving – when you have us as your managed IT services provider looking after your routine IT management tasks, your IT team has enough time to support business in strategic initiatives
    3. Lack of in-house experience – finding qualified and trained resources in technologies like cloud management, server virtualization, ERP infrastructure management, VDI and analytics could be a challenge. To support a wide cross-section of our customers, we maintain a large pool of bi-lingual resources possessing a diversified skillset
    4. Focused strategy – When you know that you can depend on us for your routine IT task, you can lay down a focused IT strategy to support your organization’s business goals
    5. Risk mitigation – opting for our managed services outsourcing, you literally have zero risk. We engage at the level that you want and are flexible to accommodate your special requests. We also mitigate the financial risk by bringing predictability into your IT expenses

    Suite of our Managed Services

    1. Oracle applications infrastructure management
    2. SAP Basis support
    3. Azure infrastructure management
    4. AWS infrastructure management
    5. Network monitoring and management
    6. Application infrastructure monitoring and management
    7. Server monitoring, administration and management
    8. Database monitoring, administration and management
    9. Storage administration and management
    10. IT security administration and management
    11. Patch and software distribution management
    12. Vendor management
    13. Resource augmentation

You think you’re safe? Think Again.

We are in a state of war. War that sees businesses tumble to cybercriminals who exploit vulnerabilities in the corporate security posture. Whether it is a virus or a malicious software, a botnet or a socially engineered attack, a DDoS or a phishing attack, businesses fall prey to cyber-attacks every day. The mantra is simple – businesses must be right all the time; cybercriminals have got to be right just once!

Numbers don’t Lie

Even though organizations spend hundreds of thousands of riyals on beefing up their cybersecurity every year, research says that in 2017, the percentage of successful breaches per company rose to 27% from 22% in 2016. It is also estimated that cybercrimes will cost businesses US$ 6 trillion annually through 2021. Why are cyberattacks successful then? Is it that businesses are spending too much on wrong technologies? Or is it really the case of the weakest link?

The Weakest Link

It is true that you’re as strong as the weakest link and often, employees are considered as that weakest link. This perception arises because employees are expected to do as asked to. A deeper understanding of human behavior and psychology reveals that employees are not being uncooperative when they fail to adhere to corporate security policies. Employees are human who tend to forget. The aim should therefore be to turn these “weak links” into security assets.


An agile security team is essential to face continually changing cyber threats. This can be accomplished by the security team conducting awareness sessions across the organization. These sessions need to encompass definition of types of security threats in non-technical language, the objectives of these threats and the consequences they could bring to the organization.

NourNet can assist IT security teams to conduct these awareness sessions on an ongoing basis. Our experience tells us that such sessions increase employee confidence and kick start a meaningful conversation between the security team and employees. As a result, security teams get positive input from informed employees which helps in further strengthening organization’s security posture.

Internet – the double-edged Sword

In today’s digital economy, Internet is the platform that drives all businesses forward. However, with all its benefits, Internet is a double-edged sword. Internet is also the chosen platform for cybercriminals to penetrate unguarded organizations, vulnerable corporate users and bring disrepute and financial losses to businesses. In the past, several businesses have tried to limit the use of Internet in their organizations. However, this policy has proven counter-productive to the business. In most organizations, Internet is fast becoming a means for sales and marketing teams to attract and retain customers. Internet is also being extensively used for corporate collaboration. What is the solution then?

A holistic Approach to Corporate Security

Dealing with hundreds of customers every day, we take an all-encompassing approach towards cyber security. Our security services begin with basic vulnerability assessment of your entire IT infrastructure and include medium to advanced level solutions. The objective: to provide a 360 degree protection your organization.


Our Team

Our security team has experience of managing security posture of hundreds of customers in Saudi Arabia. They’re a skilled team having advanced expertise in a multitude of security technology and an in-depth know-how of the overall corporate security threatscape.


Our Partners

We partner with world’s best security vendors and consultants to provide



NourNet security services are the following:


Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies all potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited in your enterprise including systems and networks. You can opt for this on a one-time or periodic basis


Penetration Testing

Attempts to break through your network. Typically requires going through potential vulnerabilities to penetrate the network

End-Point Security

Layered adaptive endpoint security based on machine learning algorithms. Provides consistently protection, avoids slowing down of machines or generating false-positives


Email Protection

Premium quality filtering for incoming and outgoing emails to protect you from spams and viruses. The incoming filter uses redundancy to ensure the continuity of email services even in the face of malicious activity, while outgoing filtering helps identify and prevent suspicious activity happening inside your organization


Internet Proxy

Sit in-line between your organization and the Internet and inspects all your incoming and outgoing traffic. Protects from cyber threats such as malicious URL requests, viruses, advanced persistent threats, adware, spyware, botnets, cross-site scripting and leakage of confidential information


DDoS Protection

Ensure availability of websites, hosted applications, systems and networks by protecting against volumetric attacks, TCP-exhaustion attacks, and application layer attacks. Prevents from International and locally originating attacks


Cloud Sandbox

Uses advanced behavioral techniques to find and block zero-day threats. Provides inline protection to block threats before they enter your network. Instantly blocks, quarantines, or flags malicious files based on your defined policies


Mobile Security

Cloud based mobile security platform brings highest level of security and compliance to mobile users, along with a seamless experience.

Automatically creates a lightweight HTTP tunnel from the user’s device to our security cloud Platform to inspect for malicious content. Works with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS