NOURNET: customer-focus, innovation, reliability

NourNet Profile

NourNet is a pioneer in telecommunication services with the right combination of competent professionals, mature processes and sophisticated technology.

When it comes to choosing telecommunication solutions, we are the preferred solution providers to enterprises irrespective of the size and industry in which they are operating. It is the proven expertise of our best-of-breed solutions that gives us the credibility to provide you with services that give you the edge over your competition.

Why NourNet?

End-to-end ownership: We take complete responsibility of the entire process from signoff to final execution. We ensure that every milestone is reached with respect to every quantitative and qualitative goal.

99.999% Uptime : When it comes to enterprise computing it is all about high availability and higher uptimes. We are one of the few in the industry that give you a 99.999% uptime.

High Scalability: With limitless racks and contingency features, we are all set to handle your growing work load and give an increased throughput with no compromise on the quality.

Secure systems: We provide you high accessibility without short-changing on the data security. All your data is secure in our multi-level data sanctuaries. We take every step to add to the confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability and security assurance.

Rugged infrastructure: When it comes to facing the business challenges with success, an infrastructure that is high on survival, support and defense, is a must. You will find our infrastructure to be dependable in any circumstance.

Clear cost benefit: We work with our clients to provide significant savings and ROI that contribute to your financial success. Our policy is based on optimizing the resources for maximizing the returns for each of our clients.

SLA driven: The objectives you set forth are all met to your satisfaction through an SLA driven implementation.

Benefits sans risk: Outsourcing the communication services is a critical decision with large repercussions. We help you reap the benefits of your decision while mitigating all the risks involved.

Consistent results: Our results in all data functions, including access and processing, are unfailing and completely dependable. You get the expected results in the shortest possible cycle times.

Holistic approach: We and our skilled professionals take an holistic approach in improving and fine-tuning our processes, capabilities, software and hardware, all towards the single objective of meeting your business goals.

Carrier independent: To ensure that your business is up and running all the time, we overcome the vulnerabilities of going with just a single provider by employing and utilizing the services of multiple players.