NOURNET: customer-focus, innovation, reliability
Extensive Coverage
We are the providers who have one of the best network coverage. We keep it so, be it fully owned and managed by us or is a leased network from any of the licensed data service providers. So you need not debate any longer about which network offers you the most extensive network coverage. The answer is Nournet.
Local Points of Presence (PoPs)
We make it simpler and cost effective for you to connect to your international operations by using our fully managed and operated PoPs. With 8 chief business cities covered solely by us and the rest of the country getting covered by other DSPs that we associate closely with, you can get a completely reliable coverage for your operations.
Well spread Wireless Stations
Our network footprint reduces losses and makes it easier to connect multiple antenna sites to a common base station processing unit. With around 25 licensed wireless base stations spread across the Kingdom we are geared to offer you excellent sensitivity and bandwidth.
A Whole Gamut of Services
Nournet designs its services to cater to every client’s unique requirements. Our solutions and services are end-to-end which makes us get the unique distinction of being considered as the one stop provider for any network service. It is the market that drives our services not the other way round.
Engagement and responsiveness
Be it your need for supply, installation or management of network, we stand out as the one stop shop for you. As a rapidly emerging leader in managed services, we offer you a wide spectrum of services that go beyond monitoring and management. It is the highest level of service that we offer to our clients – big or small.
Synergistic partnerships
Every partnerships that we have fostered with the top players across the kingdom like STC , Mobily, etc is targeted to ensure you get the best service.